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Underground Thanet is a sell out success!

Thank you to everyone that attended the talk 'Underground Thanet' on Thursday night. Our location for the evening was the ballroom of the Walpole Bay Hotel and it was filled to capacity. 

We raised a total of £443 from ticket sales, raffle tickets, donations and sales on the night.

Thanks to the following for raffle prizes:

  • Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Margate
  • The Shell Grotto
  • Jenny Moyse
  • Vera Elliott

Thank you to the Thanet Trust for Archaelogy for donating a share of their book sales on the night, to Marjorie Baker & Vera Elliott for the tasty rock cakes and to the Walpole Bay Hotel for being our venue for the evening. 

It goes without saying that a massive thanks goes to Rod LeGear for delivering such an informative talk, as well as Valerie Kirschner who brought everyone up to date with the progress of FOMC.