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What can you do to help?

We have recently formed a Friends of the Margate Caves group and this is our website - welcome!
Updates will be posted here regularly to update you of our progress and if you would like to get in contact with us, please do.

At the moment, our first objective is to ask for the Planning Application on the site to be withdrawn. If you are able, please go to the ukplanning website and submit an objection which will further strengthen our case.

You’ll find the
application on the UK Planning site here:

The application number is F/TH/10/0546.

Thanks for your support.



I am one of the many relatively new residents of Margate who were attracted to the town. I chose to settle here because of the natural beauty of our coastline and the cultural heritage of Margate. I certainly will be making my objections to the proposed planning application for the Caves.
and search for application number: F/TH/10/0546, and register YOUR OBJECTION, PLEASE.
What on earth are we going to leave of Margate’s heritage for those who come after us? TDC wants us to say to our visitors, “See these old photos of an ancient monument that should have been preserved. Sorry, photos are all we have, the actual caves are gone. They were sacrificed for short term profits by those who could not appreciate or believe that the community was prepared to work and raise funds to save them”.

I understand that this planning proposal flies in the face of the results of TDC’s own Margate Caves Consultation (2009). Over 90% of respondents opposed the sale and development of the site. Specific concerns voiced included infilling of any part of the Caves and the potential loss of a tourist attraction for the town. Representations included one from Margate Civic Society and a petition of 2,592 signatures.

The Margate Caves are an important and fascinating part of the town’s tourism attractions. We need to honour them and ourselves by building an "Interpretation Centre" as their potential worth is far greater than that of seven poorly-designed houses. Support the “SAVE THE CAVES” campaign and let’s raise funds to save our heritage! Respect and a big “Thank you” to FOMC.