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Margate needs more than just the Turner gallery

Hugh Pearman in the Sunday Times Culture supplement,  part of which reads:

“The day I went to Margate, Chipperfield was carefully talking down the notion of ‘cultural regeneration’.  One building – his building – couldn’t do it, he said.  You need a raft of complementary initiatives to get a decaying town off the floor.  He’s right.”

Another mention for the Caves in this news article

Turner Contemporary Opening weekend

Sunday 17 April

Sunday Seaside Salon

10am ­ 4pm

Artist Bridgette Ashton will be producing artwork by mapping underground
Margate. Ashton¹s Margate Subterranea project will include creating a series
of publications looking at the Margate Caves, re-discovered in the 18th
century and later presented as an early tourist attraction.  Recently closed
and sealed off to the public, Ashton proposes a fantastical Lascaux Cave
style full-size replica open to visitors and capable of touring the country.

Another mention for Margate Caves in this article


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